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16.01.2022On January 17, the work of the Zabaikalsk-Manchuria border crossing on the Russian-Chinese border resumes

05.01.2022Happy New Year!

10.12.2021Conditions have been created in the EAEU to simplify the movement of express cargo and the development of exports

01.12.2021The government approved new rates of customs duties for the export of ferrous scrap and certain types of timber

11.11.2021The AEB warned of the consequences of increasing waste collection on electric vehicles in the Russian Federation

02.11.2021The time for processing documents for export cargo in seaports will be reduced

06.10.2021Cross-Border Disorder: Fashion Brands Face Delays in Delivery from PRC

01.10.2021Finland will build a railway to St. Petersburg

28.09.2021China flooded the ports of the Far East with goods

08.09.2021An alternative to the autonomous refrigerated wagon has been proposed

06.09.2021The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported the extension of zero duties on the import of electric vehicles into the Russian Federation

04.09.2021The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East proposed to unite all the ports of the Far East into a single transport infrastructure

07.07.2021Global container shipping prices are rising amid market tensions

01.07.2021The container transportation market may face a shortage of platforms in the near future

12.06.2021In the Republic of Belarus, the possibilities of the ETP "Freight Transportation" for the creation of an ecosystem of digital transport corridors of the EAEU are presented

01.06.2021Georgia opens land borders

27.05.2021Russian economy is ready to hitch on the Beijing locomotive

02.05.2021For the first time in history, the price of sea freight exceeded the cost of transportation by rail

26.04.2021Minsk bans import of Skoda auto, Liqui Moly and Beiersdorf products

01.04.2021The Ministry of Industry and Trade has formulated the conditions for the introduction of labeling for new goods

20.03.2021Russian Railways introduced discounts for the transportation of refrigerated containers and cars

08.03.2021The Ministry of Agriculture offered a privilege for the transportation of fish by rail from the Far East

04.03.2021Russian Railways offers a three-rate tariff model for a container train

02.02.2021A preferential tariff has been approved for the transportation of Far Eastern soybeans

10.01.2021The European Union has not yet changed the rules of entry, despite the vaccination

02.01.2021Happy New Year!

18.12.2020China closes another checkpoint on the border with Primorye

03.12.2020Automobile checkpoints closed on the border with Mongolia until January 18

16.11.2020EEC extends anti-dumping duty on truck tires from China pending re-investigation

01.11.2020A unified system of informing about unsafe products will start working in the EAEU

14.10.2020Tariffs in the main seaport of Sakhalin were adjusted after a conflict with truckers

02.10.2020Mandatory labeling of perfume and photo products comes into force in Russia

09.09.2020Far Eastern Railways plans to start driving heavy freight trains on the Ussuriysk (RF) - Suifenhe (PRC) section

29.08.2020Restrictions on the passage of trucks to checkpoints in Primorye extended until the end of September

09.08.2020Ferry line between Primorye, Republic of Korea and Japan to be launched by 2021

02.08.2020Rates of customs duties increased

30.07.2020The development of export and import container shipments requires a multimodal transport law

18.07.2020Electronic customs operations no longer require paper stamps

20.06.2020Lukashenko ordered the withdrawal of money from Russian banks

11.06.2020Finland does not interfere with the visit of the country by freight carriers from the Russian Federation

12.05.2020Vladimir Putin outlined measures to support the transport industry

01.05.2020Weight control of cars with essential goods suspended until May 25

13.04.2020Amendments of the Ministry of Transport to the law on railway transport may cause a decrease in traffic

01.04.2020Checkpoints across the state border are running smoothly

21.03.2020Plato charges may be suspended from trucks

02.03.2020About trade between Turkey and Russia in 2019

20.02.2020Chinese citizens banned from entering Russia

05.02.2020New rules for transporting money across the border come into force

31.01.2020Coronavirus added problems to Russian food suppliers

20.01.2020Port Slavyanka will help increase transportation through the MTK Primorye-2

15.01.2020Putin: full-fledged cargo traffic on the Crimean bridge will begin on July 1

01.12.2019The government has canceled the mandatory certification of drugs imported into Russia

18.11.201928 new locomotives entered the Far Eastern Railway in 2019

11.11.2019Since November 10, the rules for filling out a declaration have changed

30.10.2019Federal Customs Service of Russia: automatic exchange of data on debtors has been established between credit organizations and customs authorities

13.10.2019The launch of freight trains on the Crimean bridge was postponed

22.09.2019They plan to open a new international checkpoint on the Russian-Finnish border by 2024

02.09.2019In Sakhalin, the ceremonial opening of trains on a wide rut

24.08.2019Putin instructed to work out two routes to China at once

03.08.2019The Cabinet will oblige to carry goods and passengers only on Russian-made ships

20.07.2019All rails are laid on the Crimean bridge

01.07.2019From July 1, 2019 Russian physical persons, individual entrepreneurs, registered foreign legal entities may use ELS

19.06.2019Ukraine wants to restore the railway communication with the Donbas

03.06.2019The bridge over the Amur River will increase the profitability of investment projects in the Far East

21.05.2019Bolshogruzov temporarily restrict traffic on the federal highway Vyborg - Svetogorsk

01.05.2019In three sections of the route "Vyborg - Svetogorsk" will ban the movement of trucks

25.04.2019Results of the All-Russian meeting of customs authorities

08.04.2019Yandex.Taxi launches freight

28.03.2019In Russia, a two-section covered wagon with increased payload capacity of 93 tons has been developed

10.03.2019In Georgia, proposed to hold the railway to the border with Russia

19.02.2019Reconstruction of 280 kilometers of track held on the October Railway in 2018

31.01.2019Automatic drones with thermal imagers will patrol the border between Finland and Russia

25.01.2019The early launch of the railway in the Crimea questioned

10.01.2019Turkey is considering opening a sea freight shipping line from the port of Samsun to Rostov-on-Don

25.12.2018Builders began the second phase of the installation of the span of the bridge across the Amur between Russia and China

01.12.2018Navigation seal passed the test: customs tested the on-board computer for cargo

19.11.2018In the ports of Ukraine detained 15 vessels for visiting the Crimea

04.11.2018Customs officers of Belarus and Lithuania have invented a new procedure for passing empty trucks

29.10.2018Design work on the railway line with the transition from Sakhalin to the mainland will be completed in late 2019

18.10.2018The state should take control of the entire fuel sector

13.09.2018China will develop rail transport to compensate for the damage to the economy from restrictions in trade with the US

05.09.2018Medvedev signed a decree on expanding the borders of the TOR in Primorsky Krai

30.08.2018Trump called conditions for the lifting of sanctions from Russia

10.08.2018IBM and Maersk have launched a blockbuster platform to track freight traffic

30.07.2018The Far East Railway and the port of Sukhodol signed a contract for joint work

16.07.2018Finland for four days will introduce control at the borders with the EU because of the meeting between Putin and Trump

06.07.2018The European Union extended sanctions against Russia

05.06.2018Physical persons will be banned from using trucks

18.05.2018RZD notified shippers about restrictions on the transport of dangerous goods during the World Cup 2018

02.05.2018FESCO launches accelerated delivery of cargo from Japan to Moscow via the CSPP

16.04.2018On the Crimean bridge run traffic control system

01.04.2018The new rules for the export of cultural property came into force

19.03.2018New marking on the road will increase the collection of fines

05.03.2018For transit traffic, a "green corridor"

23.02.2018The Russian authorities will organize the movement on the "road of death" to "Cowberry"

07.02.2018In Ukraine, banned from importing from Russia manual for brewing

30.01.2018Belarus is leaving Russia

15.01.2018The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation lifted restrictions on transportation of goods on federal highways

21.12.2017Against the Association of carriers brought a case for reluctance to enroll in inoagenty

05.12.2017In Russia, a new port collection

19.11.2017Advantage on the circle and waffle iron. Important changes in traffic rules come into force

03.11.2017Truckers announced a new strike

18.10.2017FCS of Russia warns about fraud

05.10.2017Commission for legislative activity approved the increase in fines "Plato"

20.09.2017The Ministry of Finance proposed to fine truck drivers for refusing to stop at the request of a customs officer

05.09.2017TOP and free port allowed to increase export container transportations

21.08.2017Russian customs officers are entitled to independently stop vehicles for inspection and cargo

04.08.2017Parallel import approaches the border

26.07.2017Rostransnadzor began an unscheduled inspection of five airlines

05.07.2017The Duma will ask Putin to recognize in Russia the driving license of citizens of Kyrgyzstan

23.06.2017From July 1, 2017, quarantine products will be moved in the territory of the Unified Energy System under uniform rules

02.06.2017Several new junctions will appear in St. Petersburg

22.05.2017Agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the EEMP and PRC

04.05.2017Spot rates have risen sharply in all key areas of container traffic

18.04.2017Strong ruble undercut import substitution

03.04.2017Resident of free port of Vladivostok creates customs control zone

21.03.2017The first container train from Russia to China will leave on April 5

10.03.2017On the routes between the Russian Federation and Finland, the transportation is ordered

19.02.2017By the end of the year RZD plans to go on trucking in the electronic consignment note

07.02.2017FCS of Russia has raised the quality of public service delivery

19.01.2017Primorsk port of Nakhodka in the top three leaders among Russia's largest port in terms of cargo volume

04.01.2017Raven stole the passport from the Estonian border with Russia

19.12.2016Kaliningrad Railways began using electronic invoices

03.12.2016Ukraine temporarily blocked the border with Crimea

21.11.2016"Window" for the shipper

05.11.2016Territory priority development in Primorye provide roads

17.10.2016Electronic declaration of customs transit is beyond the scope of the experiment

03.10.2016Russia and Poland have approved the Regulations for the implementation of road transport in accordance with the national legislation of each of the parties at a meeting of the Joint Commission

19.09.2016In Kaliningrad, opened the largest in the region, trade and logistics center

05.09.2016Customs points on the border of Russia and China will move to clock mode

24.08.2016The main document tariff RZD will change by 2020

05.08.2016The authorities want to allow businesses to issue incomplete Goods declaration

21.07.2016Peaches outlawed

02.07.2016The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation opposed the return to regulation of tariffs Russian seaports

19.06.2016Titov: the state should reduce the transport tax

31.05.2016In Azerbaijan, foreign trucks are exempt from road tax

16.05.2016Kaliningrad authorities, together with the FCS will simplify the procedure of importing goods

28.04.2016Ukraine gave Russia permission for transit of goods

11.04.2016FCS experiment begins for exporters and importers

29.03.2016Free port of Vladivostok - custom 100% ready

23.03.2016Redistribution of Polish bilateral / transit permits

23.03.2016Ukraine has overcome the decline in freight traffic

23.03.2016Transformation of cargo flows

23.03.2016Primorye will pave a new path for China